How to Handle Mistakes

Hiring is one of the most exciting aspects of my business; I only know these candidates from their resume and a few hour’s conversation, yet I’m tasked with deciding whether both they and I would be successful working together.

So what does this hiring decision look like?

Last week I received 40 application for my company, WineRelay. Thirty Five (88%) of them were immediately thrown out for not following directions. Two applicants were re-considered as they responded to their rejection by correcting their mistake. One applicant (below) responded with bitterness, pride, and depressing number of spelling errors.


I have good news for all the job seekers out there: you don’t need to be perfect- we don’t expect you to be. Strive to do your best work in the application process. When you make a mistake acknowledge it, diffuse the tension in the room, make the correction, and move on. ¬†Your mistake and how you handle it just might get you the job.